There are thousands of native English speakers in South Korea and let’s face it, most of them don’t see the need in studying Korean since they don’t plan on being here longer than a short while. Anyone who lives in Korea knows that while you can get by with little to no Korean knowledge, knowing a few phrases here or there can definitely help you out…a lot.

I studied Korean for 2.5 years in college, yet when I stepped off the plane, I couldn’t do some of the simplest things because more Korean books will teach you how to ask for directions instead of teaching you how to find trash bags in Korea (this took me 2 months).

So, as someone who has lived in the ROK for nearly 2 years, and who continues to self-study Korean, I would like to share some of the little bits of very useful Korean I’ve picked up in hopes that it can help someone else. Most of the expressions that I’ll use won’t require you to know Korean well but knowing how to read hangul can definitely come in handy.

So if you are a N.E.S or just not a native speaker of Korean living in Korea who would like to learn enough Korean to get by, welcome!


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